Legal Advice

Our legal services:
- Legal advice of any kind .
- Assistance in collecting of the documents required for buying or selling a property.
- Checking of the ownership of the property.
- Checking for lack of obligations
- Tax advice .
- Preparing various types of contracts and preparation of deeds .
- Checking of all the documents related to the transaction .
- Representation in the transaction .
Other legal services:
- Opening companies: LTD, etc.
- For customers of Velmar Estate , opening of a company is free.
Tips and Facts :
- From 01.01.2012, EU citizens can buy property and regulated land without having to open companies for this.
- Since 2014, foreigners and foreign legal entities can acquire ownership of land, forests and forest lands , and agricultural land under certain conditions.
Legal advice and services provided by our agency :
- Buying Property in Bulgaria can be a very quick, easy and enjoyable process for foreigners wishing to become owners of such . Our company Velmar Estate will help you and your company with professional advice about legal and accounting. Over the years , we have built expertise in real estate, we are already know all the peculiarities of the processes of purchase and sale of real estate and management companies . In our team work undoubted capacities in the fields of law , accounting and surveying. With their help, any transaction or case study is carried out easily, quickly and accurately.