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2 000 Euro reservation deposit.
20% of the preliminary contract.
80% of the final agreement and transfer of ownership.


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The “Aquamarine” apartment complex will be erected in Obzor town, East Bulgaria in a few meters away from the beach where the ridge of the Balkan descends toward the seacoast. The mentioned location’s features give the complex a unique combination of both sea and mountain resort. The climate is extremely curative in this zone. It is highly recommended for bronchial asthma disease suffering people. The seaside coastline of Obzor town is 8 km long. The town is in Nessebar municipality, Bourgas region. Obzor was officially declared for a town in 1984. Its development as a resort began in 1925, the year when the first summer villas and holiday houses were built. The Obzor town’s population is over 2000 residents and there is a tendency of a gradual increasing in their number due to the development of the town where a lot of hotel and comfortable public, entertainment and holiday places are being built. The modernizing base, the hospitality of the citizens and their enterprising feeling turn Obzor town in an exceptional and unforgettable relaxing place.

As an ancient civilizations’ successor, called the Bulgarian Black Sea Pearl, the town of Varna is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria, after Sofia and Plovdiv. It is situated on a territory of 29 km ?. Its population is 335 000 people. Varna is an industrial center with excellent roads and developed air, water and land international transports.

The town of Nessebar is one of the most ancient settlements in Europe. The town was founded under the name of Mesemvria. It became one of the most powerful cities in the Purges gulf region and kept the position during the whole Antiquity. During the centuries the town development was successful due to the Bulgarian rulers, who took part in its progress as founders, donors and benefactors.
Cape Emine

Cape Emine is situated about 14 km south of Obzor town. A road, twisting through a picturesque countryside at the foot of woody Balkan’s hill, leads to Cape Emine. A pharos and the ruins of an ancient fortress and monastery can be seen on the stormiest Bulgarian cape. The only building here is an abandoned church. The Emona fortress’s ruins can be seen near Cape Emine. There also can be seen the ruins of an ancient Thracian tomb that later was used as a temple of Jupiter. The name of Emona fortress comes from the ancient name of the Balkan.

The total unfolded surface of the “Aquamarine” apartment complex is 9600,00m². It includes: • 109 suites and studios with different surface, situated in three sections. The total surface is 6713.85 m²
• The following premises are contemplated in the basement: fitness center – 171.37 m², 2 service premises – 112.81 m², 2 changing rooms (men’s and lady’s) – 61.32 m² and 34.94 m², sauna, massage room – 24.87 m² and bathrooms
• It is contemplated under the “Aquamarine” apartments complex an underground parking with 11 parking places to be provided;
• The trade part of the complex is situated on a surface of 1026.20 m². It includes a foyer, three shops, a restaurant, pharmacy, service and laundry premises, a fitness center and bathrooms;
• It is contemplated a second two-levels parking to be provided, too. Its first level’s surface is 235.29 m² and its second level’s surface is 398.14 m².
• It is contemplated a three-level swimming pool to be provided on a surface of 205.31 m². The building’s access will be provided from southwest direction.
Apartments - technical parameters

The total living space surface of the three sections of the “Aquamarine” apartment complex will be 6713.85 m? and it will include 109 suites and studios with different surface.


• Section „А” – 2465,00m2

• Section „В” – 1783,85m2

• Section „C” – 2465,00m2

The suites in the complex are 109: 78 two-roomed, 14 three-roomed, 17 studios

Total living space area 6713,85м2 Total Area of the complex’s commercial parts 1026,20м2
Section/ Part Area
Section 'А' 2465m2
Section 'B' 1783,85m2
Section 'C' 2465m2
Total unfolded area of the complex 9600,00m2
Section/ Part Area
Pharmacy 33,85m2
Restaurant 168,82m2
Fitness center 172,28m2
Shop 1 25,52m2
Shop 2 24,14m2
Food store 82,64m2
Underground parking 540m2

• Construction – The complex is designed to be erect with a monolithic scaffolding armored construction. The construction responds to the project requirements for seismic zones of 9-degree earthquake magnitude intensity, measured according to the Medvedev-Karnik seismic scale

• Outside surrounding walls are erected with 25 cm thick Bulgarian fenestrated ceramic bricks, which have fibrin heat insulation. The inside walls are erected with the same bricks but their thickness is 12 or 25 cm. The inside wall and ceiling surfaces are manipulated with gypsum cardboard and latex paint.

• Putted premises floors се and granitogres covered balcony floor

• PVC German profile double glass-packet.

• Doors:
- Luxury veneered inside apartment doors
- Armored outside apartment doors

• Foyers – entrance doors made of German aluminum profile with automatic device and latex paint ceilings.

• Stairs – granitogres steps, parapets – architectural detail.

• Lifts – electrical passengers’ lifts.

• Facade all sections’ facades have 5cm heat-insulation and mineral coat.

• The roof is flat with outside drainage.

• Surrounding area – concrete stab pavements formation and grass plots
• Ventilation – Suction ventilation for all service premises and general-air exchanging ventilation in the basements.

• Acclimatization – It is contemplated for the needs of residential parts of the complex air-conditioners to be provided. The trade part will be provided with fresh air conditioning feedings. Ventilation converters will provide the microclimate in the premises.

• Water - main system – is constructed with polypropylene and polyethylene pipes. Electrical-water heaters provide the hot-water supply.

• Sewerage system – PVC pipes situated in noise-insulated shafts.

• Electric installation – power and wiring for electricity installations according to the Bulgarian Standards.

• Telecommunications – The living space area is provided with telecommunication cabling to each premise. Each working place in the trade area is provided with telecommunication cabling.

• Internet - The Cable TV operator provides each premise in the living space area with cable Internet through coaxial cable and Internet to each working place in the trade area through a local network connection.

• Cable TV - The cable TV operator provides each premise in the living space area with cable TV.

• Electric bell door phone system – for each apartment.

• Security Signal System cabling

• Fire Alarm System cabling
• For the comfort of the clients, there are 3 shops provided on the territory of the complex – one of them is a food shop. The commercial part of the complex will include:
√ Two shops with area of – 32.52m² and 31.74m².
√ Food store – mini market – 109.71m².

• For the needs of the clients and the staff, a pharmacy, with a total area of 45.63m² will be provided in the complex.

Coffee bar and restaurant
• In the sub floor of the “Aquamarine” apartment complex a coffee bar with a restaurant will be provided

Service premises
• For the comfort of the clients, it is contemplated service premises to be provided in the complex basement:
√ Toilets and bathrooms with total area of 132.01m².
√ Laundry with total area of 88.04m².
√ Service premises with total area of 60.72m²

• The “Aquamarine” apartment complex will be provided with two parking areas. The external parking will be built on two levels. The surface of the first level parking will be 235.29m² and the second level - 398.14 m². An underground parking with 11 parking places will be provided under the complex. Its area will be 540m².

Swimming pool
• The swimming pool is situated in the central part of the building on the area of 205.31m². It is contemplated the swimming pool to be built on three levels – one in front of each complex sections.

Fitness center
• A modern fitness center to be provided in the sub-floor. It will consist of a fitness hall, toilets and bathrooms, a massage room and two service premises with total build area of 171.37m².
Children’s playground area
• A part of the complex area with a surface of 100 m² will be provided for a children’s playground. It will be situated in the south part of the complex and it will have – slide, cradles, sandpit, climbing frame, roundabout, etc.


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