Real estate in Bulgaria. House in the village of Spasovo.

  • Dobrich /
  • Spasovo
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  • 1500 sq.m
  • 60 sq.m
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2 000 Euro reservation deposit.
20% of the preliminary contract.
80% of the final agreement and transfer of ownership.


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We offer 60 square meters brick, plastered house with 3 bedrooms, hallway, bath room, basement. Yard 1500 m2 The house needs renovation. Spasovo is a village in northeastern Bulgaria, part of the municipality of General Toshevo m. Dobrich. Located 28 km east of the municipal center General Toshevo, 50 km northeast from the city of Dobrich, 21 km from the beach and Dourankoulak and 7 km south of the border with Romania. The population is about 980 people. The climate is continental, characterized by hot summers, sunny autumn cold winters with heavy snowfall and cool spring. The terrain is flat. Altitude - 150m infrastructure in the village has a school, a kindergarten, a community center with a library, a church, town hall, grocery and household goods, a cafe, a playground, a small park, post office, doctor's office. The village is supplied with water and electricity, the roads are in good condition. Regular public transport.


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